Apr 30 2013
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Slow PSN Downloads on PS3 and Vita

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I am getting terribly slow downloads from PSN, I recently had to get a new router because my old one went bad and ever since ONLY my PSN downloads have been affected. The internet connection test showed 9.1 MB D/L and 1.6 MB U/L with type 2 NAT and I can watch 1080P Netflix all day on my PS3. But the PSN downloads move at a snails pace, I am using a wired connection and I've tried port forwarding, I even turned off the firewall from my router to test download speeds and it didn't change a thing. My vita is downloading at 32 KB/Sec and my PS3 just slightly faster. My PC downloads steam files 1.2 MB to 1.4 MB per second and my xbox 360 downloads at just over 1.0 MB per second. The only thing that isn't working right on my network is downloads from PSN. I've tried it at different times the past few days and no matter what time I try it, it is very slow. Any advice would be appreciated....

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