Dec 22 2013
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Slow PS3 downloads. PS4 is fast.

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I still enjoy my PS3 though I also have a PS4 among other consoles. My PS3 is utterly slug-like in its download speed compared to everything else. Why?

I'm pulling about 100/Kbps or 1 Meg every 10 seconds on the PS3. That is so bad, it blows my mind. I've tried setting DMZ, media center is disabled, tried Google dns settings, nothing is working. I really feel that the network hardware is faulty as every single other piece of hardware connects to and downloads quickly from my home network, besides the PS3. I've tested, roku 3, ipad, multiple android phones and tablets, ps4, xbox 360, xbox one, wii u, Google tv, laptops and desktop computers. Again, everything is fast but the PS3.

PS3 super slim
60 Meg Comcast Internet
100% signal strength via wifi
750gb Hdd, about 50% full

I've tried Google, but none of the so called network speed fixes I've found have done anything.

Can anyone help?

[Direct connect to router is not an option. I'm not going to run ugly CAT5 cable though my house for one console because it doesn't want to play nice with the wifi.]
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Re: Slow PS3 downloads. PS4 is fast.

Dec 22, 2013
Update: attempted the proxy server trick but couldn't get a connection. Upon going back to old settings, I'm getting about 2Mb down per second. Let's see if this lasts.
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