Mar 02 2013
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Slow Download for Patches on Apps, Games, and Crunchyroll Vids

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For the past several weeks I've been having trouble with Crunchyroll Videos on the ps3 stuttering/stopping and have been working with Crunchyroll to get this fixed.  However, since then I've noticed that patches are downloading at a much slower rate than initial downloads.  For instance, downloading the 37 MB Crunchyroll app took 16 seconds.  However, downloading the 37 MB Crunchyroll patch took over six minutes.  Also, this isn't restricted to Crunchyroll either. 


I've had no problems downloading games and demos at a rate of 1-3 MBps, but downloading game patches (such as the Uncharted 3 patch which just came out) drop the rate to somewhere closer to 0.05-0.10 MBps. 


Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

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