Jan 23 2014
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School Wifi

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Got hopefully a quick question. Got my PS4 and borught it to school where the school has two wifi networks, one is for the public and the other is for students. The one for students is a protected network and you need a username and password to connect. When I go to setup my wifi I can easily connect to the public network but when I try to choose the private nothing happens. I've registered my PS4 with the school website to allow it to use wifi but still no dice.


Like I said I can connect to the public wifi but it doesnt connect to any of the game servers so I can't play online...any suggestions?


Thank you

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Re: School Wifi

Jan 23, 2014

While a PS3 can do WPA-2 it cannot do PEAP, LEAP, or other authentication methods.

A router cannot do this either.

The only way to make this work (besides getting your LAN port fixed) would be to:

Configure a PC to use Internet Connection Sharing. The PC would need both wired and wireless interfaces.
Install a router application, either a windows-based one, or some Linux-based dedicated router. It too, would need both interfaces. 
Buy a Cisco 'workgroup bridge' which can do PEAP and connect to college WLAN.

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