Dec 02 2012
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SUB Accounts

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hi, i got a ps3 when i was under 18 so i have a sub account, having a sub account wouldn't be that bad if sony fixes a few problems such as letting sub account holders use ps plus on it, or allow users to upgrade to a master account when they turn 18. i am 19 and i can't use ps plus on my ps3 and the vita, these should be easy fixes and sony should really fix these.

someone please start a petion and add a link in this thread. 

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Re: SUB Accounts

Dec 2, 2012

Petitions are not permitted in the forum.  Requests for new features or changes must be submitted to the PS.Blog.Share site (  People can vote on ideas there, not that there is any guarantee that anything will be done, no matter how many votes the idea gets. This idea was already posted to PS.Blog.Share two and a half years ago, and has already received over 2000 up votes (which isn't very many, compared to some other ideas).


Sony hasn't done it yet, so either it isn't very easy, as you claim; or Sony is opposed to the idea for some legal or business reason.  Feel free to add your vote though.

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