Sep 01 2013
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SEN Store website on PC problems

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When I try to access the online store on my PC, via!/en-us/home/main


I can click on the main titles of Games Movies Shows fine and can search for games.


When I click on any specific game, movie or tv show  or even category of game (PS3, Discover, $ave), I get a page stating...


The page you requested is not available.


I can access the store on my Vita and PS3 fine and I am even able to see my funds, download list and everything else associated with my account on the PC website.  I just can't click on any games/movies/shows/etc. but I can go in to my cart and add funds fine.  Apparently I can search for a game and add it to my cart fine, I just can't get to the game's page.


Is there a problem with the website? Is anyone else getting this? Is there some kind of thing I need to do to fix it?

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