Nov 05 2012
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SAME ERROR 8071053D for 5 days now

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I've been getting the same error for 5 days now: 8071053D  And i am not the only one. It seems a majority of people can get on but the only people i know who have been unable to sign in are from my city.  they all get the same error: 8071053D  8071053D  8071053D  8071053D.  PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT SONY.


it is NOT my internet, every device is working perfectly in my household except my PS3 and when i do a connection test everything is fine except the PSN connection. According to your knowledge center, the 8071053D error indicates that the network is down, or a portion of it.  So can you please reply to this thread with a solution or at least tell me you are attempting to find the problem. I have followed your troubleshooting steps for this particular error and nothing worked.   Help!

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