Mar 21 2017
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Rubber Banding Ps4 Online

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Whenever I play a game I lag and cant move that much. It has been like this for a week and it is not an internet issue. I have tried on 3 different wifis and same thing still happens. Its like my game is freezing? like the disc is skipping or somthing. 100% sure its not an internet issue. Maybe the disc reader is messed up or somthing? but even when im in a party and i load a game up my friends voices cut out? like the whole system is just freezing up. Please help.

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Re: Rubber Banding Ps4 Online

Mar 21, 2017

After the 4.5 update people have been having this issue (including me) and the cummunity has some solutions. 


The solution that helped me the most

1. You can change the setting on your router from B/G/N to B/G

The solution that helped some people

2. Reset your routers and your Wifi box (not sure about the terminology but i hope you understand what i mean)

The solution that didnt help me but playstation told me to do

3.Reinstalling from the safemode menu 

i would not suggest option 3 because it didnt help me even slightly and it means you also have to redownload every game on your system. 


Overall I think yoiu should attempt to exaust all your option before going to option 3 because it takes the most times and has had no reults with people overall.

Option 1 helped me the most but it did not bring it back to the same quality that it was before. My connection since i tried option 1 has kinda been laggy but not as bad as it was and not as consistent.

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