Oct 26 2012
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Rock Band 1 songs are now gone from Rock Band 3

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My original PS3 got the YLOD last year.  I was able to get it back up long enough to compy some saves but not all.  Once I got a new PS3 I went to download the DLC songs and the export keys since I had previously had RB1 and 2, with a total over 300 songs.  I hadn't been playing the game much recently, but noticed that the songs from 1 never copied over.


How can I get the songs from RB1 back? I redownloaded both export keys and the songs from 2 are available, but the from 1.  I no longer have the disc for 2 .


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Re: Rock Band 1 songs are now gone from Rock Band 3

Oct 26, 2012
If you were unable to copy all of the data from your old PS3, its possible that the RB1 data did not make it over. You'll simply need a RB1 disc and use that to copy the data onto your hard drive and then you should be able to access them again in RB3 by using your RB1 export key.

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