Mar 10 2013
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Rock Band 1 export STILL not working [moved here from PS3 forum]

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I've got all the Rock Band games. I need to re-export the songs from Rock Band 1 into Rock Band 3 as they are no longer showing up in the Rock Band 3 playlist. (I suspect that some visiting kids deleted them from my system over Christmas.) 


Although I paid for a Rock Band 1 export licence a long time back when I got Rock Band 2, the export function does not work now. I contacted Electronic Arts, who informed me that the problem is in the PlayStation store, that you were aware of the problem, and that there is nothing they can do. 


It's been MONTHS now -- when are you going to get this fixed? I want to be able to use the export licence I PAID for! 


However, if push came to shove and I had to buy another to make the export work, I could live with that. Please just FiX it! 



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Re: Rock Band 1 export STILL not working [moved here from PS3 forum]

Mar 12, 2013

This needs to be fixed, It's wrong to just "not reply" to loyal customers

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