Feb 18 2014
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Ridiculous Download Issues with The Last of Us DLC

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I am having some ridiculous issues trying to play this DLC and I'd like to share my experience because I can't be the only one and it is just too ridiculous!


So, I loved The Last of Us and I wanted to play the DLC.  So I buy the DLC and download it.  6.5 gigs.  Finally it downloads and I install it.  Then I'm searching around for my copy of The Last of Us and can't find it -- then I realize it must be a game I downloaded from PSN.  So I go to the Playstation store page and try to re-download it, but it prompts me to re-purchase it instead.  So then I go into my transaction history to verify it actually was a game I bought online, and yes it is.  So why can't I download it again from the store?  So then I got into my download history, search through pages of demo downloads and other games I've bought in the last seven months and finally find my download of The Last of Us.


Yay!  I choose the option to re-download and great it downloads a separate app instead of actually downloading the game in the background so I can play something else while it downloads.  Great!


Ahhh! But first gives me an error because I don't have 18 gigs of free space.  Never mind that I just downloaded the DLC for 6.5 gigs, but now I have to clear space in order to dwnload an 18 gig game that I don't actually intend to play again.


Basically, I have to spend almost 72 hours downloading 24.5 gigs in order to spend two hours playing the DLC.


Seriously?  This is ridiculous.  Why can't I just download the DLC and play it?  I realize normally you need to put the disc in to verify I own the game, but there is no way to sell or trade a game downloaded from PSN, so why is it necessary to download an extra 18 gigs in order to play a two hour experience?  


So.... I deleted some of the games I was still playing in order to make room for The Last of US.  Which means I'll then have to re-download those other games again after I finish playing Left Behind, so really, to play a two hour DLC experience I need to spend almost three days downloading data:  first to download The Last of Us again, and then after I finish it, to re-download the games I had to delete in order to make room for it.


THEN, I spend a day downloading The Last of Us, only to find that the downloader app froze in the middle of the download.  GREAT!  The only way to quit the download app is to shut down my PS3.  So then I try to re-launch the app, only to have it require the download of a patch -- after which the download freezes again after only downloading 0.7%.  


Just GREAT.  I kill the app again.  Then delete it, go back into my transaction history and initiate the download again, re-install the app, launch it, install the required patch -- only to have it freeze again after just beginning the download.


What the hell is the problem.? For a game that I should have been playing that same afternoon, now it's been three days and I still haven't gotten to play it.  Not only that but I can't even download the original game anymore.


And I have another question: I downloaded the 6.5 gig DLC, installed it, and then it disappeared because I didn't have the original game installed.  So, what happened to that 6.5 gigs of the DLC?  It doesn't show up in my "to be installed" list anymore, and it doesn't show up in my installed game list either -- so what happened to it? Is there just 6.5 gigs worth of space lost somewhere on my hard drive?  That's just stupid.


This whole thing is ridiculous.  It's ridiculous that I can't download a game I bought just months ago from the PlayStation store anymore. It's even stupider and more ridiculous that I have to search through my download list in order to find a game I purchased -- why isn't there a simple list of all the games I've purchased from PSN so I can easily re-download it?


And it's super stupid and nuttily ridiculous that I have to download 24.5 gigs worth of data in order to play a 2-3 hour experience!  There should be an alternative for people who bought the PSN version of the game.  It's one thing to pop the disc in while you play the DLC -- it's something else to need to spend a day and a half to download a game I've already played and don't have room for.


And the stupidest thing of all is that it's been what? a week since the DLC came out and there is still an error in the download app that prevents me from playing!


This is a console not a PC.  Such errors are inexcusable!  So, now what do I do?  I can't seem to get around this error. Do I have to re-purchase the game on PSN just so I can play a DLC I've already purchased?!?!?


AAAARRRGGG!  This is nuts!  Please help!


A very frustrated gamer,



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Re: Ridiculous Download Issues with The Last of Us DLC

May 3, 2014

I am in the same situation. I am planning to fight to get my hard-earned money back. you (or anybody reading this) should do the same.  Playstation support's initial response is to ask you to talk to your internet service provider to enable a special port or some s**... Its useless don't even bother....just say no and ask for your money back

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Re: Ridiculous Download Issues with The Last of Us DLC

Jul 16, 2014

im so **bleep** off, basically i have the same problem!!!! with hand on my heart i can say'' this is the stupidest thing ever!'' i'm seriously starting to hate 'PS' and 'Naughty Dog' , how the hell they can make this absolutely absurd issues to waste our money, time and nerves, just like that (piece of cake, right?) ....  **bleep** capitalists  Smiley Mad Smiley Mad Smiley Mad

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