Sep 14 2011
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Resistance 3 Move Sharpshooter Problem

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I played Kilzone with the sharpshooter without a problem.

When opening up Resistance 3, I can calibrate the Move wand but when I'm instructed to press START, is that the START on the regular controller.

The game starts but the MOVE controller is useless. I can't move. I can aim the MOVE wand but the MOVE controller won't work.

Is there a way to start the game using either the MOVE wand or controller?

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Re: Resistance 3 Move Sharpshooter Problem

Sep 15, 2011

Okay, you are confusing me.

Are you trying to use the sharpshooter?  Did you remember to turn both controllers on -- The Move Wand & the navigation controller?  And the controllers are fully charged?

Are you using the Move with the seperate navigation controller?

Are you using the Move with a normal dual shock 3 or six axis non rumble controller?

The start button is on the right side of the Move and the front right side of the Sharpshooter near the "barrel" of the gun.

If the controllers aren't working with the game, try connecting them to the PS3 one at a time in the open USB port since you need to leave the camera plugged in, with the USB cable and turn them on that way.  If that fails there is the small reset button on the backside of the controllers, which I think you have to press for 30 seconds in order for them to reset properly.

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