Nov 27 2013
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Region is North America but PSN gave me Portuguese version

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I live in Toronto and I set up my account with my address in Toronto, region on my PS3 set up says North America.


Yesterday, I paid $59.99 downloaded Saint Seiya Brave Soldier using PSN Network but I got a Portuguese version.   I uninstalled the game and downloaded the only version which says north America in the game description, but again, I got the Portuguese version.


Any suggestion of how to fix this? I just want the English version in something I can't read.


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Re: Region is North America but PSN gave me Portuguese version

Nov 28, 2013

There is no Portuguese version of the game.  There is a European version, that supports multiple languages, including Portuguese. I suppose the North American version might include Portuguese also.  Fighting games don't have a lot of text, so they don't usually need different regional versions.  If the game is displaying in Portuguese, then it is because the game thinks that is your native language.  If you are playing a European game on a North American console, that may be what is confusing it.

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