Oct 27 2013
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Regarding season passes

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I've looked at a few other threads and I just want to clarify:

When I buy a season pass, it makes its items free to download in the store? I'm looking to get the ones for Borderlands 2 and Asscreed 3, so do those two have any other specifics, like using Uplay?

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Re: Regarding season passes

Oct 28, 2013
Season pass allows you to download it's DLC free when they are released, They are a way to buy multiple DLC for a discount. So if you buy a season pass, then yes you can download the DLC included in it at no extra cost.

Assassin's Creed 3, does use Uplay, you can visit the site for the actions and rewards. Borderlands is not by Ubisoft so it doesn't use Uplay.
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