Mar 18 2013
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Red dead redemption un dlc

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I was planning to buy the undead nightmare dlc for red dead redemption but sense I downloaded some free dlcs to this game and had problem with that I decided to go here.


I have us console and Euro version of the game and when I downloaded the free dlcs they didn't work and I had to open an UK psn account

and download it from there to get them work.


So my question is should I buy the dlc from an us or UK account and if the dlc wont work do I get a refund?

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Re: Red dead redemption un dlc

Mar 18, 2013

Welcome to the PlayStation Communiy.


The easiest way to answer you is to say that ALL DLC has to match the region of the original game, simple.




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Re: Red dead redemption un dlc

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Jun 18, 2013

i have question i play RDR but there is people who is freezing the game i ask that you take full responsible two ban these people from RDR also two note you myet wanna ban there PS3 there hacking regular game and there bringing regular black white horse into the online game my request that you look into this at once there doing flying glitches invisible glitches i regret if u do not take action at once i will be forced two take actions of my own take law suit against sony & rockstar i report rockstar they don't look into it i rec send proof two rockstar my action's are clear rockstar & Sony take my word ban there my heed if not you will pay the piper with law suit? 


yours truly 


live love and dream
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