Feb 18 2012
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Recent OS Revision 4.10 and 4.11 - Connectivity to PSN is unstable effecting gaming, Netflix, etc...

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It seems with the recent PS3 OS upgrades, first 4.10 and now 4.11, PS3 users on smaller ISP broadband connections are seeing connectivity instability issues now to the Play Station Network effecting online gaming, aps like Netflix, etc.  The correction seems to be upgrading a user’s ISP connection to add a static public IP address for an additional monthly cost from the typical RFC 1918 dynamic addressing scheme widely used across the world to stretch out the life of IPv4.  We understand the recent negative publicity of Security issues/hacks.  The cookie cutter ISP mass deployment of broadband to non-hardcore gamers would be via the use of the RFC 1918 IP addressing scheme via DHCP and PAT/NAT.  These recent upgrades will increase the number of IPv4 address allocated and increase the home users online costs only to leverage your PS3.  Nice job Sony!  Leave the need for a static address to the hardcore gamers and correct these security changes within the recent upgrades.  Comments from other users are encouraged to bring this to light.

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