Jan 20 2011
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Re-Downloading TV show's on PSP?

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I remember downloading a TV show (anime special) once on the PSP & I was dismayed that "View purchase history" under account management was not showing it when I tried to re download the show again few months back when I switched mem cards. I'm currently in Germany for the next 3 months & was feeling like giving it another shot, but realized the movies section was gone in the PSN store... Only Comics & Games, (It Asked me to update from 6.30 TO 6.37 *Hope i didnt download the EU version of psp Firmware!*) I use AOL Dialer to connect to the internet on the  PC when gaming (To get me U.S IP since Nexon hates Proxy & Vpn services) Is it possible to find the purchase history, on Media GO for example and download it via the PC and upload it back on the PSP? Since im getting the EU PSN Store due to my current location i'de suppose any attempts via the PSP are futile...

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