Apr 14 2013
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Rainbow Moon DLC not applying

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Hello, I purchased the Rainbow Moon DLC pack for Gorodo today (50,000 coins plus ring and license) but the pack will not apply not matter what I do. The first time I launched the game after getting the pack I received a message about not having enough room in my bags EVEN THOUGH I did have space. I have ample room in all areas of my inventory, have closed the game and restarted completely, re-downloaded the DLC and applied it again to make sure that wasn't the issue. The ring and license are not in my inventory and Gorodo did not receive the 50,000 coins. What do I need to do to get this fixed?
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Re: Rainbow Moon DLC not applying

Apr 14, 2013

The only thing I could think of, is if you downloaded the game in one region, and the DLC in another.

Other than that, you tried doing what I would have recommended. (making room in your inventory.)


Sorry I can't help. Try the official Rainbow Moon forums. Someone there may be able to solve the riddle.

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