Apr 23 2013
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RPG Maker 3 Install Issue

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Since yesterday at 2PM, I've been trying to download RPG Maker 3. I have spent over 7 hours in total of downloading and re-downloading it. This is because of the install process. At around 5% each time, it shows me the error code, "80010038", and gives me a corrupted game instead. I would really like help with this, and I don't want to lose $10 due to an install issue. I have already tried restarting my router, restoring my file system, and downloading/Installing it while no other devices were connected to the internet. It's not my internet, or at least I don't think it is. I recently downloaded Terraria, and it worked completely fine. I also spoke with Playstation Customer Service 10 minutes ago, and he didn't help at all. He kept telling me to do things that I've already done countless times. If anyone has a solution or a similar problem, please discuss. Thank you Smiley Happy

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Re: RPG Maker 3 Install Issue

Apr 23, 2013

It is your Internet, or your home network.  The Playstation Store app does not check for network errors during the download, so it can't correct them, the way that PCs and mobile devices generally do.  Your Internet connection must be virtually error free in order to download large items from the Playstation Store.  All it takes is one incorrect bit, out of gigabytes of files, to render the entire download useless.  These days network errors are rare on most home broadband connections, and home networks; but depending on what type of Internet service you have, you may have problems if there is some old wiring somewhere. Call your ISP and have them check your connection for errors.  You may also want to try replacing your broadband router, or network cable, if those are old. In an extreme case, you may need to switch to a different Internet service, if there is one available. The problem won't go away by itself if you just reboot your router. 

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