Nov 01 2012
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Questions About End User Safety Concerning New Exploit

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I wont even bring up the name of it, but is Sony or SCEA EVER going to comment on this?  This is NOT a thread to discuss it and I ask that moderators deal with those trying to turn it into that.  This is a place for answers for concerned consumers!!!


Being it now allows them to obtain the ****phrase for PSN acc***, how safe is my information?  Explain facts of why I am safe, if that is SCEA's official answer?


How safe is my console when connecting to the PSN?  Again, please explain why?


Since the new exploit allows for them to do things on a PC, can they now set up a fake PSN store server; like some did with the iPhone store three years ago?  If no, what facts can SCEA give to prove their position?


Does this ability to obtain the PSN passph**** allow them further access into the PSN servers?  If no, please detail why it does not? 

How can we continue to trust SCEA if they continue in this manner without comment on a known variable to the safety of the end user?


I have found SEVERAL sites across the internet that show the method has been available for OVER 80 weeks.  Why has SCEA just sat on this one, especially so close after the original PSN debacle?



Also, since the method has been available for over 80+ weeks, can we expect game companies (EA, 2KGames, Infinity Ward, Activision, etc.) to be filing action against Sony AND/OR SCEA that will cause me to loose games I have purchased; being SCEA has had the availability to try to do something and not thus putting these gamin companies proprietary code at risk to decryption/hacking?


I have to say that since this new thing is over two weeks old, depending on where you research for it, this stinks of last years PSN hacking; which led to 125 million peoples personal details being exposed.  SCEA has known from official sources of its existence and they refuse to comment.


Why are we expected to maintain such a high level of integrity to the 'Terms Of Service' yet SCEA can do whatever they please and not abide by their portion of said TOS?  Should we just shut up and wait for them to tell us in a month we have been exposed AGAIN and just take 2 more free games and another month of a music service that should be fre at its basic level and shut up?


As one who has thousands of dollars vested into my Playstation 3 and its download content, I find these actions inexcusable and SCEA BETTER HAVE A COMMENT SOON.


***Please don't tell me to call in to the useless Consumer Services department, as I have done that and they didn't even know of this.  Bad form for information two weeks old (80weeks if you count the methodology) on the open internet***

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Re: Questions About End User Safety Concerning New Exploit

Nov 1, 2012

Welcome to the PlayStation Community.


Just to be clear, all Threads posed here are open for discussion, you can't dictate that we not discuss or comment on what you or anyone else have posted, a Moderator is also not going to delete or question my or anyone elses' response so long as they are "proper" responses & not just attacking you.


I'm not going to tell you to call Sony's customer service department, but in that same vein, Sony neither reads nor replies to any posts, questions or comments posted on these Forums, as I have said many times before these Forums are for other PlayStation users to come to to discuss, seek help, gain some knowledge, help others out & maybe along the way make a friend or two, nothing more & nothing less.


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Re: Questions About End User Safety Concerning New Exploit

Nov 11, 2012

I believe what's goin on here is that to dsiscuss the exploit WOULD be in direct violation of the rules, at a guess.  Reading through other threads on security related problems, I can understand.  Most forums (this one included) are filled with people who know how to flame and fan others to keep things quite, even get the user banned trying to get something valid fixed, and it sounds like the user is asking for moderation over this area.  Could be wrong but thats what I gots from it.


BTW... Iv called SCEA about this one as well.  They really do act like they havent heard of it at all.  Very poor treatment of customers that pay the bills for SCEA (with every purchase they make) since it is ALL OVER THE INTERNET.  And the Terms Of Service do create an contractual obligation to SCEA where they are required to be informed on these things and let us know everything they do about it affecting our security.  Doubleaughtcode may have some very valid concerns that should be addressed by anyone who is knwoedgable on it though?


To be honest; its compleltly sad that Sony doesnt read these at all, like you suggest... just say'n.

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