Jul 06 2012
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Question about purchasing content on a different PS3.

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Hi everyone. I had a question about purchasing PS3 content from another person's PS3.



Okay, so my PS3 is being sent out for repairs this week, and I really want to get some content from the summer sale, but I only have until Tuesday. However, my brother has his PS3, and I was wondering if I would be able to purchase what I want on his PS3 using my PSN account?


Now let me make myself clear: I do not intend on game sharing or anything like that. I just want to know if there's a way I can buy (not download) my content on his PS3 now, and then erase all evidence of my account on his PS3, and then when I get my PS3 back, all my content will be waiting to be downloaded in my Download list. Can somebody help me out?


A few questions, too:


1) If I sign in to my PSN account on my brother's PS3, will my brother's PS3 become one of my "active" PS3's?


2) Will my brother have access to all of my content on his PS3 if I sign in on his? Will he be able to download all of my games?


3) Once I delete my "User" on his PS3, will all evidence of my account on his PS3 be erased (as if I never even signed in on his PS3)?




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