Feb 05 2013
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Purchasing content for all accounts on the PS3

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So I added funds to my account a couple weeks back. However, I accidentally added the funds to the wrong account (I have two accounts  with the same email, only one is and the other is so you can see how I made the mistake). The two accounts are on the same system, but are not master account/sub account. If I purchase DLC from one account, will it also be available for the other account, i.e is that DLC unlocked for the whole system? If not, what are my options? I really don't want to use this other account because I have other purchased content and I don't want to lose my trophies and progress on games. Also, I don't want to have to use another account simply to play one game which I plan on buying DLC for.


The money was added to my wallet through PayPal; could I request a refund from PayPal and/or SEN and then add the money to the correct account? I emailed Sony customer support (which was no help at all) and said they cannot transfer funds from one account to the next, so that's not an option.


Thanks for any help and solutions you all may have.

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