Dec 21 2013
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Ps3 cant login to psn

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Hello everyone I been haveing an issue with signging into psn the last month. I just recently moved and before I moved I could sign into psn and play online and everything. Now when I turn my playstion on I get a message in the top corner saying signed out of psn error 8002e01 or something like that I cant remember at the minute. If I keep trying to sign in I sometimes get the same code then other times I get 80710a06? If I keep trying to sign it after about 10 times I login to my account but if I try to do anything for example view a friends account I get the 80710a0g message. But I can search the internet on my plastation with the internet browser. We still have the same internet company (comcast) but they gave use a modem with built in wifi. I even hooked the old wireless router up and tried useing it but it ended with the same results. Even when I hook a ethernet cable from the modem to my playstation I still cant get on. If I do a internet test the ip and interent connection succeed then psn fails. Thanks for your time I usualy try to figue this stuff out but this is just getting annoying haha     

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