Oct 02 2013
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Problems with connection when an online login is required

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When I use the connection of my university with my PC, I'm redirected to an online page of the university where I have to login with an username and password. 

I tried to do the same thing with my PS3, but when i open my browser, there's nothing but a blank page. I looked this problem up on the PS support site and I found this.

  • Public or hotel Wi-Fi connections

    If you are using a public or hotel Wi-Fi connection, you may need to enter a username and password in the PS3 Browser in order to use the Wi-Fi connection. This may especially be true if you go through the Internet Connection Test and the IP Address is successful but the Internet Connection fails. Launch the PS3 Browser and see if there is a screen where you will need to enter a username and password.

They seem to mention the same problem as I have, but they don't offer any solution for the problem.

Is there anyway I can play online on this kind of connection?





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Re: Problems with connection when an online login is required

Oct 2, 2013

Hi LorQenZo,


Working with a university network can be especially tricky, but here are a few options that may help.


Port Forwarding:


Troubleshoot Wireless Network Connection


Troubleshoot Wired Network Connection Problem on PS3


If you still cannot connect, you may want to contact someone in the IT department of your university.  They should know more about the particular ins and out of how your school regulates internet traffic.




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