Jun 04 2011
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Problems with Burnout Paradise PS+

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I just freely subscribed to the 30 days of PlayStation Plus, and accidentally put Burnout Paradise (the one offered for "free" on PSN for PS+ members) on download...

I was actually planning on buying the Burnout Paradise Complete Edition from the store, for which I had payed a 50€ prepaid card in order to buy it...

Now, when I try to go into the page of the Complete Edition, it doesn't let me access it on account that my account is not suitable for it...

Thanks to my other accounts on the PS3 I managed to learn that it is not the PS+ subscription, but rather the download (which I haven't even started) of the free Burnout Paradise...

Now I can't buy the Complete Edition for 30€ and I'm nowhere near planning on buying the whole thing in separate parts for 50€

How can I go back to being able to buy the Complete Edition?

Thanks in advance

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