Oct 27 2011
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Problems playing PS2 Classics downloaded from PSN

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Hi there guys n gals.  Interesting query for those who are more tech savvy than me (most all of you)  I recently downloaded Odin Sphere from teh newly minte PS2 Classics section on the PSN, but to my dismay when I started the game, I get a funky video error like we used to do back in the analog video days when we got a wire crossed somewhere.  Problem is I roll newschool with the HDMI cable connections, and no other content gives me trouble.  I am one of the fortunate owners of the backwards compatible PS3, so I can even play my old physical copy PS1 and PS2 games just fine.  I also have quite a few PS1 classics that I've downloaded from the PSN that also work quite hanily.  No go on the PS2 classics though...  Any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations?  I called Sony Consumer Services, and although the young lady I spoke to was nice and seemed to genuinely want to help me out, she was at a loss as to why there should be any issues.  If anyone else is having these or similar issues, let us all know in the forum.

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