Oct 31 2012
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Problem with downloading just about everything on PSN

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So a couple of days ago I was downloading a game on my vita. The download was going smoothly till about %95. At that point, the download stopped. It didn't pause or error out of the download, but stopped at %95 and like 2 minutes left. The green bar was still visible.  After about a minute it went up to 3 minutes and then 4 and then 5, but still %95 completed. About 15 minutes later, the download was completed. Considering I rarely download on the Vita I didn't think much of it, chalking it up to the Vita simply being the Vita. Today I got my new 500 gig ps3. I booted it up, downloaded the latest firmware, and went into the ps store to begin re-downloading content. The same problem that occured before on my Vita is now occuring on the PS3. I start the download, it goes smoothly till it gets to the 90's, and then it becomes an excrutiatingly long crawl. I have fios 15mb/s, ps3 connected through a router, and I have never experienced this problem before. Any ideas?

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