Dec 18 2013
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Problem with credit card...

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I'm new to PSN and I wanted to buy a game for PS3(BF1943), I used my credit card but PS didn't want to charge it and it didn't work, I decided to buy a wallet top-up and I went to to buy it, I bought £10 wallet top-up and I found out that codes are not region free and I can't activate that code in Croatia...
What am I supposed to do with this code that I can't use on my account? I don't want to make fake UK account just to activate it there because I live in Croatia...
Any help with that please?
And why I get those errors when I'm trying to purchase with my Visa credit card...

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Re: Problem with credit card...

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Dec 18, 2013

You live in Croatia, bought the code in a United Kingdom web-store & now you are looking for solutions in the United States.

So this is how we came to share some text on our computer screens. Smiley Happy


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Pre-paid PSN cards or "wallet top-up," as you refer to it, are beyond region locked, they are country locked [this is due to economical reasons]


You need to buy a pre-paid PSN card for Croatia or use a credit card with an address in Croatia.


What can you do with that code? Donate it? Trade with a trusted friend in the UK?  I highly doubt you can get your money back from the seller for it is up to you to make yourself aware of the fine print.



Croatia PS Website

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Re: Problem with credit card...

Dec 19, 2013

Conversation over PM posted below posted for the benefit of others.





Schima_HR wrote:

Hey mate, you answered on my question on forums and i'm very thankful.
No one of my friends want my voucher and one of them said that I can buy a game from my UK account and play it on my HR(Croatian) account, what do you think about that? As novice in PSN, I'm trying to google out the answer but I didn't find anything correct.  :smileysad:
The game is Battlefield 1943 and it's only avaiable for digital download...
If I buy that game from second account, can I remove second user from my machine and the game will still be paid or?
Thanks in advance.


User Account: The local system account which purpose is to devive users sessions. [On the XMB: User]

SEN Account: Your SONY Entertainment Network account, you PSN ID, etc. [On the XMB: PSN]

Trophies, games/addons are binded to the PSN account under which they were earned purchased under. These cannot be transfered to another SEN account.



You can create an UK account and make use of the voucher code that way. The game will be licensed to this UK SEN account you created.This means that in order for you to play said game this account must present in the PS3. Deleting this user will delete all the local files associated to it from the system, Once you download/install the game this will be playable by all User accounts on the PS3.


Remember that game/addons are region locked. If  later on you want to buy addons for said game then you must do it with the account you used to purchased the game, the UK account.

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