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Problem with a outsourced support company in Portugal

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Good after-noon,

Hereby I'm trying as last attempt to complain on a subject I'm arguing with Playstation Portugal (mailuk custhelp) since 09/01/2013 with no success.
After 5 days trying to deal with someone, on the 9th January 2013 between 4pm and 4:30pm I called to the Customer Helpdesk in Portugal (707 23 23 10). I spoke to an officer with Brazilian accent who introduced to me as Magnum.
He gave me a totally wrong information about my problem. I called saying I couldn't sent money to my Playstation Wallet and he told me to create a new PSN account in order to buy the game I wanted. He referred I could have several accounts in my new PSVita.
I followed the given steps, created a new PSN account in Portugal (rhemfurPT), charged it with money, bought the game Playstation All-Star Battle but when I tried to change to my previous account (rhener) it didn't work because the card became locked to a single access account and cannot have more than one PSN account activated per PSVita card.
Because of that reason I've contacted Playstation Portugal, this time by email, complaining about the instructions of the helpdesk assistant that didn't work and about the lack of training and information by the helpdesk assistants. Besides that complaint, I asked to be refunded.  [Incident: 130110-001809]
The only answer I got was: "We understand that a wrong information can be given to you and you feel harmed. From us we can only thank your complaint that will be taken in account to improve our service.
Unfortunately the subject you mention is impossible to solve by us."
I understand Playstation hires the service of a third party company, but it is unacceptable that these assistants don't have the right training to help and support clients.
Anyway, being this company a representative of Playstation in Portugal or not, it is acting against Portuguese consumer laws.
According to the Portuguese consumer law:
Article 8 Clause 4 - Where any lack of information, insufficient information, illegible or ambiguouscompromises the use of goods or service, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract for the acquisition or provision, within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods or the date of conclusion of the contract services.

Article 9 clause 7 - Notwithstanding regimes more favorable contracts resulting from the initiative of the supplier of the goods or service off-premises, through correspondence or other equivalent, isprovided to the consumer's right of withdrawal, within seven working days from the date of receipt of the goods or completion of the contract of service.
By this reason I've contacted DECO (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection) in order to try a second contact and after 40 days with no answer from Sony or Playstation, we decided to take this case to court.
As a plus, I'm writing this email to Playstation UK and USA as a last attempt to contact Playstation before it arrives to the court and a Judge decides according to the Portuguese Consumer Protection law.
On the other hand, having to follow this process through legal means. I will also make a video on my channel, and on friends' having several subscribers on youtube disclosing what happened in English, Spanish and Portuguese, even including the email I received stating that Playstation holds no Book of complaints in Portugal.
So people can know how Playstation clients in Portugal are treated, I can say from experience.
Rhener Furtado

Incidences involved:
Incidente: 130110-001809
Incidente: 130121-000219
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Re: Problem with a outsourced support company in Portugal

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