Mar 07 2013
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Problem sign-in to PSN

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I created a new account with PSN on my pc. When I went to sign-in on my ps3 it said that I cannot sign-in using anothers sign-in ID.

I tried again to see if i mispelled my sign in id or password and it gave me the same message again.

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Re: Problem sign-in to PSN

Mar 7, 2013

Create a new user on the ps3 system then go to signin and use the email and password for the new account. The system will not allow you to use a different signin on a user acount that is already on the system.


If you try to use a different Sony Entertainment Network account (different email address), you will receive the error message "You cannot sign in using another user's sign-in ID (e-mail address)."


To use a different PlayStation Network sign-in ID on your PS3:

    1. Go to Users icon(Users) > Create New User icon(Create New User) and create a new local user.
      Change sign-in screenshot 1
    2. Once the new local user has been created, highlight the new user and press the X button iconbutton and log in with that user account.
      Change sign-in screenshot 2
    3. After successfully logging into the new user account, go to PlayStation Network icon(PlayStation Network) and select Sign Up icon(Sign Up for PlayStation Network).
      Change sign-in screenshot 3
    4. On the Sony Entertainment Network account sign up screen:
      • If you do not have an existing Sony Entertainment Network account, select "Create a New Account (New Users)"
        Change sign-in screenshot 4
    5. If you have an existing Sony Entertainment Network account, select "Use an Existing Account"
      Change sign-in screenshot 5


  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the log in process.
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