Dec 27 2012
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Problem Downloading Recent Patches...

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Hello, I'm quite new to the PSForums, however I have a question that any help would be greaty appreciated.


I'm a huge Skyrim fan, and still play it here heading into 2013. However, I have recently started playing again after a 7 month hiatus, due to the fact I could not download the lag patch. This was due to having slow sattelite internet. Well my ISP upgraded their speeds, and I was able to download patch 1.06 for Skyrim, which seemed to clear up the problems until now... After doing some Googl'ing, I see that there is a patch 2.01 for Skyrim, however if I start the game while signed into PSN it does not prompt me to update to 2.01, and if I delete the Game Data and 1.06 patch, it prompts me to download the 1.06...


Any Ideas why my console is not trying to Dl the most recent update?

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