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Re: Probation message

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Jan 28, 2016


wilsderek wrote:

This is completely ridiculous! I've have backed out of games when people are clearly using cheats, racial slurs, and profanity. Yes I know I can turn off the inviduals but it doesnt address the amount of cheating. So I get put on probation for backing out a couple of games with good reason. No sweat SONY! I can buy a *bleep* XBOX.  You've lost me as a customer!!!!! I will never buy another Sony product again. 

Hi. Welcome to the forums.  These COD games although playable on a PS3 are not run by SONY.  Treyarch and Activision are the ones solely responsible for these titles.  Your gripe would be with them.  If you do decide to leave and get yourself an Xbox I wish you enjoyment.


But before you do that and spend more money... I suggest taking the problem to the people that can help. Good luck!

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Re: Probation message

Aug 12, 2013

Sounds to me like you're trying to stir something up with no facts..

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