Jan 17 2013
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Porting games to PS3 to sell on PSN - I need information please.

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Hello, I am currently working on getting a fan translated game licensed and published. The smaller publishing company working with us has not released anything on PSN, they have been fighting the Digital Release / DLC new age until recently. Mainly they release older cartridge based games for the retro market in Taiwan. 


The game is on Playstation (PSX, the first Playstation!), so we would be wanting to release to the PS 1 Classics section of PSN.

I would very much appreciate having the PSN advertising department contact me with pricing information on advertising our game release in the PSN store as well.


What do we need to pay, and / or aquire to sell a PS 1 Classic on PSN? Thank you very much, my PSN ID Email is perfect for corresponding with me, and replying to this post would be wonderful and may help others as well.

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Re: Porting games to PS3 to sell on PSN - I need information please.

Jan 17, 2013
These forums are not used to contact Sony, and I don't believe any of the mods will be able to help you. You need to find a corporate email or phone number for Sony
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