Jan 29 2013
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Poor Internet connection on PS3

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Hello,  i have an older fat ps3, and a 12mb/s uverse internet account.   I currently have a DMZ on my ps3 in my router and have an "open" NAT type, however,  my PC i'm consistantly testing out at 9-12 mb/s down,  but on my PS3 ( specifically Black OPS 2 ) its displaying my connection as 4,000 - 6,500 kb/s.  This is very slow and i'm constantly lagging, even when me and a friend are playing by ourselves in Tranzit.  ( his connection on average is 18,000 - 24,000 kb/s.   Any ideas on how i can get a boost in my bandwith on my ps3?   The examples of connection speed for myself is conducted using a wired connection, and at times when no other device is connected to my network, neither wired nor wireless.


I really need some help




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