Apr 24 2013
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Polls or Surveys for All Players

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Make here on the forum or on every ofic sites in each country, the possibility of voting at people choose which game you would like to have while then buy psn enter into voting for ps2 games on psn Since missing games like Need for Speed Underground Most Wanted old games from ps1 necessary gta 1.2 etc, and even old games on ps3 such as the need for speed carbon that are no longer hard to buy and you will see that it will have enormous popularity poll at let people choose what they want to play and buy games to enter PS1, ps2, ps3 and you will see that it will have 100% success rate is better than Search in forums what people write, thank itkratascz


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Re: Polls or Surveys for All Players

Apr 25, 2013

You can call it a poll or survey if you want, but what you are describing is a petition; and forum rules prohibit petitions.  It wouldn't matter anyway.  The Need for Speed series is owned by EA. Not Sony.  Sony has no say about whether PS2 Need for Speed games get published as PS2 classics, or whether PS3 Need for Speed games get offered in the Playstation Store. Sony has no objection to it, but will do nothing to make it happen.  It will happen if EA wants it to happen.   EA does not make publishing decisions based on web petitions. GTA is owned by Rockstar.  I'm not even sure who has the publishing rights to the first two games now, but given the lackluster PSN sales of GTA : Chinatown Wars, which was similar to, but better than, the first two GTA games; I doubt that anyone is interested in reviving those titles on PSN.  The PSP version of Need for Speed : Carbon is already in the Playstation Store.  It didn't sell well enough to make EA want to put the PS3 version there.  EA has published almost all of its recent Need for Speed games in the Playstation Store, including Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted, The Run, Shift (PSP), and Shift 2.  If you want more Need for Speed games in the Playstation Store, then you need to get people to buy more of the ones that are there now.  Not make petitions and wish lists. EA doesn't care what people want.  It only cares what people buy. The same is true for every other game publisher. A lot of publishers are down on the Playstation Store here, because most US gamers, in particular, only seem to want to buy the games that aren't in the store.

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