Nov 17 2013
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Plus Code Not Redeeming

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I bought the Killzone Bundle that included a year plus subscription. So my month Plus Subscription worked, along with Music Unlimited, Plus year, and $10 voucher for PSN Store, however, the week Plus subscription isn't redeeming. Says it's either invalid or already redeemed, I know it didn't work the first time, second time, third time.... so I know it wasn't my mistake and i've made sure the numbers/letters were correct. 


I'd like to get a new code or whatever, but the Knowledge Center chat thing sucks and gives up on searching for a chat person when im in line. Waiting on hold via phone is not an option right now. I really don't want to spend another hour trying to have this resolved, especially when it's just for the week plus subscription, but I would like to have it. Soooo....if there is any PS Help people here, help me out? Please.

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