Sep 13 2013
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Pls help. I downloaded a game but it won't install

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Please help me. I purchased a game yesterday from PSN its $29.99. After it downloaded I can't install it. It keeps saying File may be corrupted and then it gave me an error code. What should I do? Its been 2 days now that I haven't played that game because of the installment. I want a refund if its going to take this long to fix the problem. Please help me. My money will be just wasted and I don't like that.

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Re: Pls help. I downloaded a game but it won't install

Sep 13, 2013

The Playstation Store download protocol does not account for data errors in the Internet connection.  Your Internet connection has to be error free in order to download content successfully, and the console won't know if that was the case until it tries to install the content.  If the download is corrupted, then it is useless.  Just delete it, and then try to download it again.  If you keep getting the same error, then you need to fix the problem with your network connection that is creating the errors.  It could be old or damaged wiring inside or outside of your house, which your ISP should be able to fix; or a problem with your router or Ethernet cables. 


While you can always ask for as refund by contacting customer support by phone or live chat (but not in the forum), you are not entitled to one.  If you read the Playstation Store terms of service, you will note that it clearly states that you are responsible for your ability to successfully download the content.  Sony does not have to refund your money if you can't download the content, assuming that other people are able to download it successfully. The problem is yours to fix.  Not Sony's.

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