Sep 06 2013
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Please read- mw3 server connection lost/timed out every time now?

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Ok, so I been playing mw3 everyday with no problems ever. Tonight came home from work and tried playing and all seemed good till I got into a match and as soon as I get close to the enemy or try throwing a frag or trying to kill myself, really just anything I do I get kicked and error server connection lost thing pops up. Litertly every time this happens. I can't kill myself or anyone else cause I kicked. **bleep**? I don't understand whats going on here. Please somebody help me with this. I have perfect Internet and never lagged before. What would cause this all of a sudden? I even tried hooking up straight to modem via wire and same thing. Tried my bops 2 and no problem. It's only mw3 and its every lobby I get in. Weirdest thing ever with this. Anyway please let me know what heck is going on. I couldn't play a single match cause I get kicked. Ps...I had a 4 bar signal every time before getting kicked.
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