Feb 11 2013
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Please HELP upgraged to new PS3 now PSN will not let me have my bought songs for SingStar :(

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Please Help

Yesterday I followed the instructions on how to use the Data Transfer Utility.Was told to update both and was done.Was told to attach ethernet cable and that too was done.was told to deactivate old system and was done .Was not told to activate new one  but did that after transfer.Went to play SingStar today and all my bought content was not there so went in to redownload it and was told I couldn't as it was on the other (old ) PS3  so I reformatted the old PS3 as it was already deactivated  so no content was on it.  And it is still saying  I can't download it as it is on the old PS3 which it is not.

Can anyone tell me how I am to put it on my new PS3 ???? The old one is to be used just for netflix so there is no content on it

Wouldn't bother me if it was just a couple songs but it is quite alot




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Re: Please HELP upgraged to new PS3 now PSN will not let me have my bought songs for SingStar :(

Feb 11, 2013

The Data Transfer Utility does not transfer SingStar song packs.  This is documented in the Knowledge Base article on the utility. SingStar song packs are licensed for use on a single, specific, PS3.  You have to call Playstation customer support at 800-345-SONY and give them your PSN account information, and the serial number of your new console.  The information has to be sent to SCE Europe, to have the song pack licenses reset manually.  This can take several days.  You won't receive any notice when it is done.  You just have to keep checking the downloads list in the game until the songs appear again.  Then you can download them to the new console. Most Playstation customer support representative have never heard of this procedure, and it is not documented in the knowledge base; so you will have to be insistent that it can be, and has been, done before.

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