Nov 05 2013
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Please Enter a Valid Credit Card Number

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I had to change my credit card on file, and it wouldn't accept the 2nd card I had (different bank)

Sooo I waited for my main credit card to get re-issued, and now it's not accepting that one either,

Get the same message each time, no matter what card I try to add.

Haven't been able to get any help with this, which is funny because i'm trying to give Sony money and they won't help me Smiley Tongue


Also: Don't tell me to just use PayPal... I don't want PSN having access to any of my PayPal information....


Any ideas?

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Re: Please Enter a Valid Credit Card Number

Nov 5, 2013


The SONY verification system is very, very tempermental.  Please see the above link for accptable payment types.


If one character of your billing address is wrong the system will reject the card.  Sometimes a card will work, sometimes not.  I've never been able to figure it out.


Keep trying with the card that initially worked, and be very careful how you enter the information.  Wish I had a better solution for you.

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