Jan 13 2013
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Playstation store still not working

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Its been about 3 weeks since this problem with the playstation store has happened. I am still getting the error code 80029564 when I install the store update. Has anyone figured out a solution yet?

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Re: Playstation store still not working

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Oct 26, 2014

If you want to purchase a game and cannot use Playstation 3 Store using a console, you can make the purchase using your PC and physically download a game using the following steps (without using Playstation 3 Store on the console):


To start the download yourself:
  1. On the XMB™ Menu, go to > Image (PSN℠) > Image (Sign In) and sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account.
  2. Select Image (Account Management) and press the Image button.
  3. Select Image (Transaction Management) and press the Image  button.
  4. Select [Download List] and press the Image  button.
  5. Choose the content you want to download and press the Image button.
  6. The item will download to your PS3™ system.
  7. Go to Image (Games) for games and Image (Video) for movies and TV shows and enjoy your content.


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