Jul 12 2012
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Playstation store says I purchased a Dragon Age Origins DLC when I didn't

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I got a free redpemtion code for the stone prisoner DLC for dragon age origins. I went to the playstation store and I saw that I was free so I clicked  download. I realised then that this was a video, but free nevertheless. I got into the game Dragon Age Origins and checked the downlaodable content. It said I had purchased the Stone Priosner DLC and that I was availabel to dowload, It also gave me the option to endter the redeem code, but when I did it said it was invalid. Despite it saying the  expiery date is April 2010 Bioware changed this to no expiery date, I know because I have downloaded other DLCs with redpetion codes past this date. It also says this on the bioware forums.


I never gave playstation any of my account information or anything from which they could take money off me. Besides if I had purchased something surely it would have asked for some sort of payment method or account information? 


So what is going on I am so lost...?



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Re: Playstation store says I purchased a Dragon Age Origins DLC when I didn't

Jul 12, 2012

Any successful purchases also generate an email to the email address held on file confirming the purchase, check your emails.


Also have you noticed, are you missing any funds from your wallet?


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