May 13 2013
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Playstation store error has occurred

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psn an error has occurred when im trying to pay for a game keep bring that up i did everything to see if i did something even want only to see if i can pay for it there but keeps on loading. i really need to know what is going on cause i go buy it cause my cd rom stop working a long time ago have no moeny to ge other on and i download a lot of game but some reason i cant download anything keep bring that error up at all time i being trying to find out if it was the funds or what not and no i think it was that update that we got something making that come up and i know im not the only one! plz sony help me out

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Re: Playstation store error has occurred

May 13, 2013

Welcome, to the forums, Prsasuke.


These forums are a community of users, this is not SONY.  If you have an issue downloading games from the PSN store you may have to contact SONY customer service either by phone or by live chat.  Click on "Contacting Support" in the lower left of any forum page.



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Re: Playstation store error has occurred

May 14, 2013

hey vfr_800_rider i called them and live chat them and they dont know what is going on as well telling me to buy a playstation network card when i really dont want to. what is the point to put the credit card if it cant b used or fix to find out what is going on i pay for games for a long time and now this error comes up and not even sony dont know whats making that i know im not the only person going threw this im so **bleep** now really am going on 3 day now 3 day for one game and i can pay the cd rom game cause my deak is not working




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