Jan 10 2013
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Playstation Store PSN downloads are a long term scam...

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  I contacted Customer Support several times, through phone and through e-mail regarding missing games from my Download History. First off, my LittleBigPlanet download for PS3 is missing.  My friends can no longer play this game with me when they visit my house. I've been urged to find out why, because they think it's **bleep** just as much as I do.


 I've supplied my serial number to them both times, and I've been patient.


  As well as been completely courteous in my request for another download of the game that was given to me during the Playstation Network hack. I did not even request a refund, I requested that I could download the game that they gave to me as compensation for their network having been hacked. If I cannot trust Sony I will not invest in them any longer.


   If I don't get a new download link, i'm going to get really loud. Because this is not the first time one of my PSN games has stopped working and vanished from Download History. This also happened to my Rag Doll Kung Fu game about a year after they started charging for it. I went to go play it on the HDD and it said the data was corrupt and that I needed to redownload it from the store. When I checked the store, my download was gone. I didn't even ask for a refund for this game, granted, at the time, I was angry about it... but now that Little Big Planet is not working, and I'm not getting the results that I should be getting, I'm angry.


  I'm no longer going to be downloading any games from the Playstation Store. I'm sticking to retail discs. And I'm going to deter any one else I know from downloading from the Playstation Store as well. It took awhile for this to happen, I owned these games for a long time before they stopped working, and now that they have, I'm convinced that you never really own these games at all whereas if you just buy retail discs you can play them any time you want.

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Re: Playstation Store PSN downloads are a long term scam...

Jan 12, 2013

You are correct about not owning Playstation Store content.  What you are paying for is a license to use the content.  The terms of the license are entirely written by Sony according to what the publisher wants, and the license ends whenever Sony says it is over.  You have no ownership rights. Basically, it is a long term rental. 


That said, Sony is not in the habit of simply removing content from anyone's downloads list, especially first party content.  You are wasting your time posting here though.  No one that reads this forum can do anything to modify the games licenses under your account.  You need to call Playstation customer support at 800-345-SONY.  You won't get this resolved any other way.

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