Dec 08 2012
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Playstation Rules over PS3 Internet ??

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Hello PlayStation Tech Engineer......... After 4.31 updated , it everything change design on PS3 store webpage. Do you like it now new one or before old version  ? I do like old version because it comes with search my own typing letters through the keyboard and it much faster to find it and other stuff.  Now new update 4.31  It is limit search A to Z and 0 to 9 thats it and no typing search on my own letters with keyboard. I hope it will add with Typing Search back on it , please ! Next time if there is new updates you should tell us what  kind of new version for  or change anything ? Playstation Engineer should let us allow to choose options if we want updates or not but we can go ahead continue  in internet , store without require updates because we are afraid the updates could mess up our PS3 or dont like your idea designs. Its just like PC  Microsoft updates and we can control to pick which one updates ,all or none of updates. Playstation should the same and let us choose updates or none into our PS3 . If we wont updates then we cant go in internet , store unless we have to updates, duh ! I feel that Playstaion ruling controls over our PS3 system for the internet.

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Re: Playstation Rules over PS3 Internet ??

Dec 9, 2012

The Playstation software engineers don't read this forum. They probably are not even allowed to for legal reasons.  The Playstation Store was completely rewritten.  It isn't even the same kind of app that it was before.  The design priority for the new Playstation Store was to make it easier to use for people whose technical experience is mostly with smart phones, and smart TVs.  Not to provide features for advanced users.  I doubt that will change. The requirement to install updates before accessing PSN is for security reasons, and is needed to combat game and video piracy.  That isn't negotiable either. If the PS3 isn't kept reasonably secure, no company is going to spend tens of millions of dollars to develop AAA games for it.  You'll just have to live with it.  The PS3 isn't a Windows PC.

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