May 24 2012
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Playstation Network (my long time complaint)

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Alrite guys, I have been apart of the PS family for a long time now, my first console was the PS1 my latest is the PS3 slim.

I am a proud citizen of the Philippines, and I still dont know why is there no PSN exclusively for us? even XBL! Why ? why?

We Filipino's have bought so many stuff from Sony and you just wouldnt repay us back to make a PSN for us? I mean c'mon!

I mean we are so near Japan! where your company was born! And you make PSN available in tha US? like 10,000miles away!

Were just here at your vicinity! In southeast asia. 

I made a US psn acct. and I tried to buy some videos when I downloaded hulu plus, and the outcome made me throw my controller

at the wall, It said I needed to be in the unites states!!!!! I just wasted my money and effort to buy a psn card just for that

So please sony i plea to you to make PSN for the Philippines.

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Re: Playstation Network (my long time complaint)

May 26, 2012

Nobody reading this forum has any ability to influence the decisions about what countries PSN is offered in.  If you want to talk to Sony about that, you need to call or write their corporate headquarters; preferably the one in Japan, as you do live in Asia. It will never happen as a result of you posting to this forum.

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