Dec 25 2010
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Playstation Network/ MW2 FAILS

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So I was Playing some modern warfare 2 this christmas eve and decided to get one more match in before going to work. Once I enterd the match wierd stuff started happening and I was confused but continued to wait for the match to start. When it did I immediatly noticed that it was a hacked lobby and backed out. but once I did all the challenges, unlocks, and equipment I had arned were gone with a little note on th bottom of my screen that read "OvA F*$#%ed me up". So now I'll go back to playing some cod4, throw my mw2 disc in my fireplace, sit back with some scotch, and enjoy the holidays. But I would like to bring it to your attention and if anyone can help or give some einsight it would be much appreciated.

-Happy holidays

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