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May 14 2013
By: Sunny-Hallways Lombax Warrior 133 posts

Playstation Network AVATARS

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How do i  view the Avatars From the PSN  STORE on  this website.  i know i can look  in the store on my ps3  itself at all Avatars   but how can i  View them on this website. Can Someone Help Me ?

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Re: Playstation Network AVATARS

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May 15, 2013

You can view and find the section of it in the SEN website on the bottom left of the page by clicking the All PS3 Avatars under the Avatars tab, that's where you can actually view them all. To change your avatar, go to Account Management, then scroll down to select, highlight, and click Avatars so you can change your icon to your choosing.


I hope it helps out, Sunny.

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