Mar 16 2013
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Playstation Cross Buy PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

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OK, so here's my problem.


I have a PSN account, Stalpph_Staca. I am also the master account of a sub account, which is my sister Bole_Patrol. I play on the PS3, and her PSN account is registered with her Playstation Vita.


I recently bought Playstation All Stars Battle Royale for the PS3. I found out about the Cross-Buy feature also, so I figured it would be a good idea since she could get a copy as well for her Vita free of charge.


Now, usually the deal with sub-accounts is whatever the master account buys, the sub account can play them as well. I know this from experience. So, following this same rule, I enabled the Cross-Buy feature on the MASTER account, figuring that the sub account would be able to play it also. After it finished downloading, I tried to copy it over to the SUB ACCOUNT's Playstation Vita system.


It says I need to sign in with the account that downloaded the game to play it.


So essentially, I have this game just sitting there and I can't even play it.


If anyone else has had this problem, whether with Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale or a different game with Cross-Buy capabilities, please please PLEASE help me. I really don't want to go and spend $50 on the PS Vita version when I know I don't need to.


So, long story short:


I bought the PS3 game.


I downloaded the PS Vita version on my MASTER ACCOUNT.


I went to play it on my SUB ACCOUNT.


It won't work.




Thankyou very very much for any help I can get!

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Re: Playstation Cross Buy PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Mar 16, 2013
Vitas work with the content from one and only one account, regardless of master/sub status. To put it on her account, you would have had to sign into her account on your PS3, and activate the Disc Benefits option there. However, it's too late now, and your only option is to purchase a new copy of the game, or potentially hunt down a friend or family member who doesn't need the downloadable Vita version.
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