Jan 03 2014
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Playstation Credit Card

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Help, I'm confused or maybe just stupid. I applied for the Playstation credit card Tuesday 12/31/13 and was approved. The webpage detailing the offer says this: In order to get a design image on your PS card, you must first apply, get approved, and create an online account at After 7-10 business days log back into your PS Card account and design your card.


 Now sounds to me like I go to Capitol One website IMMEDIATELY, create the account, log back in after some days and choose my design so when they send me the card, it will have my design of choice already on it. Trouble is, the credit card site won't allow me to create an account until I already have the card. My inquiry to Sony was a waste of time and Capitol One has been no help either, other than to say I wait til I get the card, then go to their site and create the account, then customize the card and then they send a NEW card with my chosen design. 


 Seems like more bother than it's worth and NOT how I interpret the instructions in the offer details.


 Anyone got the card recently and able to clarify for me?

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Re: Playstation Credit Card

Apr 8, 2014

did you get your playstation credit card?

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